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24 Mar Cotton Slippers: What are the benefits?
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Cotton slippers: What are the benefits? It is a fact that the foot is one of the parts of the human body where there are sweat glands. Some people tend to sweat more or less for various reasons, but..
03 Jan Dirty Slippers? Here's how to wash them.
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Although they are often overlooked, your slippers may spend more time on your feet than any other footwear you own. Wearing slippers indoors is beneficial because they protect your feet from injury an..
07 Dec 10 smart tips for taking care of your feet for the Winter.
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10 smart tips for taking care of your feet for the Winter. Feet suffer just as much during the cold months. The body aims to protect our vital organs and heat is transferred from the extremities to t..
18 Jan Τhe history of Slippers
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Τhe history of Slippers Slippers or mule-type footwear are among the oldest shoes known to have been worn in prehistoric times. The name is thought to be derived from Middle English,'sliper' or'slipo..
22 Dec Why slippers make the best gift?
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Have you ever wondered why slippers make the best gifts? Nothing feels better than giving a great gift. That smile on your recipient’s face is worth all of the research and every penny spent! That’s ..
31 May Why choose Amaryllis slippers?
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  1. I chose products made of high-quality materials: Our slippers are manufactured from 100 percent organic cotton towels and fabrics, satin fabrics, and gel soles designed expressly for this purpo..
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